Mullsi Siamese and Oriental Kittens for sale in the North West

We have a litter of siamese kittens! Visit the nursery to meet them!

We occasionally have oriental kittens for sale

Mullsi Cats occasionally have siamese and oriental kittens for sale to permanent loving homes.

Mullsi Siamese sometimes have Siamese and Oriental Kittens for sale to loving pet homes. We have been breeding siamese and oriental kittens for a few years now and have enjoyed it very much.

Let me tell you just a little bit of information about me! I have loved siamese cats ever since my first siamese kitten came into my life! His name was Oscar. I was about 10 years old and I can still remember the day we brought him home! Ever since then I have been hooked! I love the extrovert personalities, the way they chat to you all day long and the love and affection they show to their people! Rather unbelievably, my husband also owned two siamese from the same litter as Oscar when he was a child! Our combined love of siamese meant that when we married we would definitely have our own little family of siamese!

I have had fun showing my home bred red oriental cat, Flame. I have also been showing my Cinnamon Oriental Stud Cat, Rudi and my beautiful tabby point girl, Ostara.

I am enjoying breeding these beautiful creatures and providing little bundles of fun for other families to enjoy! I hope my girls will produce loving and stunningly beautiful siamese and orientals kittens! Once owned by a siamese you will never look back! Keep an eye on my nursery page as should have siamese and oriental kittens for sale very soon!

You will find us just outside Preston in the North West of England. My site will tell you a little about my family of siamese and oriental cats and let you know all the news to how we are doing at the shows! I hope to provide helpful advice and fun features for you all to enjoy! I keep my website up to date regularly with news and articles. So if you are looking for siamese kittens and oriental kittens for sale or just a little help and advice you have come to the right place!