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Showing your cat

Have you considered showing your cat? If you want to show your pedigree cat then you will have to make sure their paperwork is in order. What if you have a wonderful pet cat that you want to show off to the world? Read on to find out how you can go about showing your […]

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Caring for newborn kittens

Does your cat have newborn kittens? Are wondering how you should care for them? Ideally your mother cat should care for her own kittens. But what about if she doesn’t? Read on to find out what you should look out for. Meet our newborn kittens The kittens are now 10 days old and they are […]

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How to find a good cat breeder

How to find a good cat breeder Trying to find a pedigree kitten that has been raised by a good cat breeder can feel like a minefield at times. A good cat breeder will breed their kittens responsibly and will raise them in a compassionate way. But for every good cat breeder, there are many […]

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