Clematis Litter – 5 weeks old

How time flies!


At around 3 weeks old the kittens started to learn to use their litter tray and had their first taste of solid food. To help wean the babies, I add freshly cooked chicken to royal canin kitten milk and blend into a milky paste. As they get better at eating I make the paste slightly thicker and eventually add raw beef mince.

3 week old kitten weaning

3 week old kitten weaning

All the kittens are doing excellent at litter training and now all use their big tray. All of the girls love their food and tuck in quite happily, although the little boy in the litter still thinks that I am trying to poison him!

Photos from the weeks


Very proud Mum

Fat kittens

Ostara continues to be very proud of her kittens and is an excellent mum. Some of the kittens have their new people coming to visit them in the coming weeks. The next big milestone will be the kittens first vet check and vaccinations.

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