Havana Brown Gabi

Introducing our Havana Brown Queen, Gabrielle

Gabi is now neutered and is living at home with us, enjoying life as a lazy layabout. Her son, Bean, keeps her on her toes most of the time!

Havana Brown with kittens

Havana Brown, Gabi, with two of her kittens

Gabi is our gorgeous Havana Brown whose outgoing temperament has made a big impression on our hearts! She is a sweet soul who is extremely affectionate. She does like to get her own way though! She is particularly fond of my husband, Sam, and follows him around talking to him constantly! I do believe that the feeling is mutual! More often than not Gabi is on Sam’s lap having a cuddle – in fact I go so far as to call her ‘his cat.’ I am a firm believer that cats do choose their owners and in this instance Gabi has most certainly chosen him!

That is not to say that I don’t get cuddle time with Gabi – I regularly do. But only if Sam is not around!

She is a really beautiful girl who had already had one litter of seven kittens with no problems the first time round. Gabrielle proved to be an amazing mum and her second litter¬† of just two kittens did not want for anything. She is an absolute natural and her kittens thrived – she doesn’t hold back on the discipline either and Gabi insists that her kittens leave home very well behaved!

We love this girl to pieces and are so glad that we have been blessed with her. Her favourite past times are lounging about in the magasine basket sunbathing and tearing about the house at top speed in an evening! She has also taken to playing the piano! We are sure that with a little practise she will be a musician in no time. She is sometimes friends with our neuter boy, Flame, but most of the time he just gets on her nerves!

Gabi carries cinnamon and siamese.

Havana Brown Pedigree

Soulsavor Gabrielle’s pedigree