Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese Ostara

Introducing our beautiful Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese, Riobelle Maid for Mullsi.

Our Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese Queen

Ostara our Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese

Ostara is our absolutely stunning new siamese queen. We would like to thank Joanne Law of Riobelle Siamese for this gorgeous little Chocolate Tabby point Siamese kitten. We are so pleased with this little one as she is so affection and constantly purrs her little heart out. She is happiest when she is sitting on our knee having cuddles. In fact, if she could have her way all the time, she would probably spend all day having cuddles. She has settled in really well with all the other cats and I can honestly say that it is like she has always been here. We cannot imagine life without her.

Ostara is particularly good friends with our home-bred kitten Mishra, and they spend hours chasing each other around. She loves running into the orange fabric play cube and bolting through the kitten tunnel as fast as she can! Flame often tries to follow but tends to get stuck! She also loves lounging about on the sofa in the sun and like most cats she is a total sun-worshipper!

We are very excited to be taking Ostara out to a show soon and we hope that she will do really well. She has super show type and a wonderful temperament to match. Nothing seems to faze her! Ostara is only a baby at the moment so it will be a long time before she is ready to have kittens of her own. But watch this space as we have some very interesting matings planned.

We are very proud to announce that at her very first show outing Ostara got first place in every class she entered! She won the Best of Breed award for Tabby point Siamese kitten and then won best overall Siamese kitten! To top off an amazing day Ostara went onto win Best In Show Siamese meaning that out of all the Siamese cats at the show that day (adults, neuters and kittens) she was the best one! Needless to say we are very proud of her and looking forward to showing her again very soon!

Ostara and I with Ostara's lovely BOV certificate

A very proud moment!

Pedigree of Riobelle Maid for Mullsi