Cinnamon Orientals Mishra

Introducing one of our home-bred cinnamon orientals, Mullsi Madame Mishra.

Mishra is now neutered and lives with her wonderful new slaves Barbara and Roland! Thank you for giving such a wonderful loving home to our sweet baby Mishra.


One of our home-bred Cinnamon Orientals

We just love cinnamon orientals so imagine our joy when Gabi gave to us a female cinnamon oriental kitten! I had told Gabi, before her litter was born, that I really wanted her to have a little girl that I could keep. And that is exactly what Gabi gave me, a gorgeous little girl. Perhaps I should have elaborated however as she was the only kitten Gabi gave me! Yes, a whole litter of one!

Mishra has turned out to be very much like her mother, very affectionate and loving and yet quite highly strung. So her ‘posh’ name is the very apt Mullsi Madame Mishra. She just loves her food and will eat just about anything! Her favourite toys are the ones on the end of a stick and she will energetically fly about the house trying to catch it when I play with her. Truth be told I am far more likely to get tired before she is!

Mishra is a big strong girl and although she is not the flashiest of kittens, she is sound and well balanced. She has the most beautiful green eyes and her coat is a lovely shade and is the same colour from the tip of her coat to the base. We are hoping to show her with her adopted sister, Ostara, and see how she does.

Pedigree of Mullsi Madame Mishra

Pedigree of Mullsi Madame Mishra