Seal Point Siamese Vitani

Introducing our Seal Point Siamese Queen, Vitani

Vitani is now neutered and is living a pampered pet life with Dawn. She is loving being one of only two cats and being the centre of attention. Thank you for loving Vitani so much Dawn.

Seal Point Siamese and Kittens

Our Seal Point Siamese Queen with her kittens

Vitani is our beautiful Seal Point Siamese Queen and she has a lovely nature, especially with the other cats. She loves cuddles, but they have to be on her terms and when she wants them! Something she loves even more than cuddles is her food! Vitani will eat anything and is always willing to try something new. She adores fish and chicken, and loves to be fed any of the meat that we are cooking. She will fiercely guard her felix as good as it looks pouches!

Our Seal Point Siamese girl had just one litter, 3 seal point siamese kittens and 1 chocolate point siamese kitten. They were fabulous little kittens but very badly behaved! Vitani was a great mum to her kittens, but she refused to ever discipline them! They were completely spoilt and she saw them as little angels. Sadly pregnancy did not seem to suit her and she was very poorly during her pregnancy and very poorly after giving birth to her kittens. For this reason we decided to have Vitani spayed and keep her as a much loved pet.

Nowadays, Vitani is best friends with Rudi, our Cinnamon Oriental Stud Cat. She lives with him and keeps him in check! Our lovely Seal Point Siamese girlie still comes in and loves to play with our other cats indoors who welcome her. She is very sweet and playful and never starts fights with the other cats. She loves to play with our Red Oriental Neuter boy, Flame and can often be found running up and down as fast as she can, closely followed by him!

Vitani is now spayed so we will not be expecting anymore litters from her.

Seal Point Siamese pedigree

Kyomi SealedWithAKiss’ pedigree