Tabby Point Siamese Kittens – Clematis Litter

Welcome to our Clematis Litter

Ostara and her newborn siamese kittens

Our newborn tabby point siamese kittens

On Sunday the 13th April 2014, I was awoken at 4am to the sound of a newborn kitten. Ostara had started to have her babies. I had been on ‘kitten watch’ all night, waking periodically to check on our lovely tabby point siamese girl. Ostara was a star and very quickly had 2 more kittens after giving birth to the first. She was happy for me to assist as long as I left her be when she was pushing! By 7am she had given birth to 5 beautiful little tabby point siamese kittens and was very proud of her newborns.

Ostara and her beautiful siamese kittens

Ostara and her beautiful siamese kittens


The first 10 days have gone very well and the kittens have already more than doubled in size and weight. Ostara has plenty of milk for her brood and they are growing extremely well and always have little fat bellies! We have decided to name the kittens after varieties of clematis.

Meet the Kittens

During their daily weigh-ins, when the kittens were a few days old, I took photos of them wrapped in little muslin cloths to keep them calm.

Male kittens in the litter could be either seal or chocolate point, or seal tabby or chocolate tabby point.

Female kittens in the litter could be either seal tortie or chocolate tortie point, or seal tortie tabby point or chocolate tortie tabby point.

We are hoping for a few tabby point siamese kittens in this litter. I have never bred tabby point siamese kittens before so I am looking forward to watching how they develop.

The Tabby Point Siamese Kittens eyes are starting to open

One of my favourite times during the short time I raise kittens is when their little eyes open for the first time. I find myself imagining what the little ones must think of the world they start to see around them. Time has gone so fast – they will be up and walking soon and that is when the mischief really begins! I have added a few photos of the kittens with their eyes open. Due to all the kittens looking nearly identical it is hard to say who is who in these photos!

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